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Sample imageRefractory products / insulation, silica-alumina base in parts for use in all types of aluminum casting alloys, primary aluminum production plants and aluminum smelters and semi-finished products.

We produce:
Floats, Floating,Peaks, Nozzles, Couplings, Nipples
 plugs, distribution boxes / feeders
Canales, plates, filter housings, micro-porous ceramics degassed,
Sheaths for temperature measurement in metal bath
Rotors, Studs for pistons, ceramic Cement
Sealing putty ceramics, painting ceramics, vertical casting lubricant.

Download Spec Sheets:

    * CETERM Ceramic Product Line
    * Overview CETERM
    Key Features * Physical Techniques
    * Feeder Canal and Boxes
    * Ceramic Plates
    * Permeable Ceramics for Refractory metal degassing
    * Ceramics Thermocouple Sheaths
    * Ceramic Crucibles
    * PC-50 Ceramic Painting
    Ceramic Cement CC-50
    * Ceramic Sealing Putty
    * Lubricant for Coladas L-50
    * Chemical Composition and Chemical Properties.
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